FlyHu Lodge

Holzschild mit Flaggen und Musher Point

FlyHu Lodge is about 32km north of beautiful Arvidsjaur and about 117 km south of the polar circle, imbedded in a healthy coniferous and birch forest, isolated but convenient to reach. From our lodge it takes only a couple of minutes by car to reach the most beautiful and rich in fish lakes and rivers. Our nearest neighbors are a couple of kilometers away. As far as you can see - just forest and small lakes. We live together with 38 Huskies, which were the inspiration for the name of our lodge, Fly for fly-fishing and Hu for our Huskies.

Here at our place you can watch salmon during their migration when they swim upriver to procreate upon arrival at the upper course after a long journey.

During winter, when it is more night than day, we love to hitch up our dogs and take our guests on a dog sled tour. With a little bit of luck you can see polar lights. Ice fishing can be organized on request. On request we offer a good steak or an original FlyHu Lodge herb & cheese fondue after returning back to FlyHu Lodge while it is between -25° to -35°C.

We are happy to welcome people with handicap and accompany them while fly-fishing or dog sledding.


Marianne  mit Basecap


Wolf  mit Mütze

My name is Marianne. Since I was a child I dreamed of owning a husky farm because I am a passionate animal lover. Now I can realize my dreams in Swedish Lapland together with Wolf.

In a world full of wars and terror the human being looses the connection to nature. Wolf and I set our goad to counteract this trend and to bring nature closer to human beings again while bringing unforgettable memories to people.

In Swedish Lapland we found the ideal surrounding for the professional keeping of Nordic dogs, fly-fishing and running a company for commercial outdoor activities.

I am Wolf and since 25 years I am not only a Musher, but a fly-fishing instructor too. In the millennium year I decided to start a new part in my life becoming self employed and make my hobbies huskies and fly-fishing my profession.
In all those years I had the privilege to fly fish almost all over the world. If in Alaska or Russia, New Zealand or Canada and even here in Scandinavia. I had the opportunity to share my knowledge with a lot of fly fishers in my fly-fishing school.

After studying wildlife biology in the 90's the first huskies came into my life and these fur noses rule my life until today.
Through fly-fishing I had the chance to be part of an expedition by a renowned TV channel. This expedition in the eternal ice were followed by more expeditions in the last 20 years, not only the Antarctic but Siberia and Alaska. The next expedition is planned for 2023.

In autum 2018 my partner Marianne and I decided to emigrate to Swedish Lapland. We haven't regretted this yet. If you have never experienced Swedish Lapland you miss something.

Our Guides

We are looking for help for the summer season 2020 and the winter season 2020/2021.
If you are interested please contact us via the contact form.

FlyHu Lodge

Marianne Flückiger and Wolf Bühler
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