Fishing Camp for children, teenagers and trainees

We from FlyHu Lodge want to support children, teenagers and trainees up to an age of 25 years with this offer. It is important for us that you can pursue your hobby fishing in different waters and a different country and we want to help you improve your skills. This offer includes a 2 days fly-fishing training. We will be on the lakes and streams with kayaks and belly boats and camp in the Wilderness. Tents will be provided. Each day will be a different tour to offer as much experience and practice as possible.

You can sign up for this from an age of 8 years but you need to be accompanied by an adult. Teenagers from the age of 12 years can sign up without being accompanied by an adult.

7 days (5 days fishing and a day of arrival and departure) for
7.500 SEK (app. 750 €).
If you sign up together with up to 4 fishing friends you get a discount of 2.500 SEK (app. 250 €) per friend. This offer is limited to a maximum of 5 participants. Meals and beverages are included.
Please contact us for prices for children under the age of 12 years accompanied by an adult.

When booking, 50% of the total price is due, the remaining 50% is due one week before the booking date. Our prices include 25% Moms.

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