Available Offers

The manifold offer of FlyHu Lodge addresses to all classes of population no matter if tourists or locals. We would like to give people the opportunity to forget daily stress and to relax and enjoy nature. People with handicap are always welcome to FlyHu Lodge*.

For accompanying guests that don't want to book any of our offers the fee is 1.900 SEK (equals app. 190,00 €) per day (price for hotel and meals) lodging at Hotell Laponia including breakfast in the hotel, snack at the water and dinner from the grill at FlyHu Lodge. Soft drinks are inclusive while alcoholic drinks are available for a fee.

Prices for our offers including the hotel base on a booking for a double room and are per person.

Day tours can be booked on request.

* The organizer reserves the right to reject the booking for security reasons in individual cases and after a detailed examination.

Individuals or groups up to 6 person book their stay over our booking form, larger groups should contact us via the contact form at least 1 month before their stay. We will contact you as soon as possible. We offer a reduced price for groups of 8 - 20 people, which you would also like to inquire about using the contact form .

When booking, 50% of the total price is due, the remaining 50% is due one week before the booking date. Our prices include 25% Moms.

FlyHu Lodge

Marianne Flückiger and Wolf Bühler
Tjappsåive 2
SE-933 91 Arvidsjaur

Phone Marianne: +46 (0)70-271 00 47
Phone Wolf: +46 (0)76-781 57 67

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