Streams and Lakes

Information about the streams and lakes we are fishing in


Our favorite stream is the Piteälven. It's a dream stream with uncountable tributaries. The Piteälven offers fly fishermen everything that gets a fly fisherman excited. Moose and bear are not uncommon in this area and we were able to watch bears at a distance of only a few hundred meters.
To watch bears in the wilderness and their natural habitat is a unique experience and because the bears here in Lapland are very shy there is no danger for fishermen and hikers, since they take flight as soon as the animals perceive the scent of human beings. So you better be fast with your camera to take a good shot.
With it's smaller and larger rapids the Piteälven is also the perfect place for photographers for a good shot of salmon on their migration to the spawning grounds.
Piteälven is a national stream and most of it is untouched by people, also there is no Hydropower in this stream.
The spring of Piteälven is in Pieskehaure and after 400 km it flows in the Gulf of Bothnia near Piteå.

Skellefte Älv

The Skellefte Älv is app. 410 km long and one of the longest streams in Lapland. As it winds through thick forest it is not suitable for beginners. It is very interesting for advanced fly fishers though. I prefer a light and short fly rod and my favorite is a dry fly.
The Skellefte Älv offers fly fisher who love grayling an unforgettable experience and chances are good to meet a moose or reindeer.
Skellefte Älv has it's spring in Ikesjaure and flows into the Gulf of Bothnia near Skellefteå. Middle course and upper course have been canalised and backed-up for energy generation.


Byskeälven is not just a stream for fishers that love graylings and trouts but an insider's tip for hikers and photographers. With a length of 250 km the Byske Älven is a quite short stream. To get there we have to drive about 45 minutes by car and hike a short distance.
Byske Älven is a crown jewel for wild salmon catch. This stream is not regulated and flows from the municipality of Arjeplog to Byske by the Gulf of Bothnia.

Lake Laxtjärnen

This lake is paradise for predator fishers with their lures and for fly fishers that go for pike, perch and eel with streams. A local guide will take us on his motorboat and show us where pikes lure in the reed. While driving slowly with the motorboat the perch will be provoked and there is a good change to catch an eel with a lure.

Lake Sleng

The Sleng is our "house lake" and is in front of our door so to say. Pike and perch love to bite on lures here. On Lake Sleng we offer kayak tours. Our camp will be on a wonderful bay, prepared by our guides and the scent of fresh hot coffee will guide us our way.
Lake Sleng is only for predator fishing. Predominantly pike and perch bite here but it's not unusal to catch some other, smaller fishes. Fly fishers who favor using streamers will find Lake Sleng as the perfect place because of the dense reed that's growing along the shore line making this a great place for pike. Lure thrower will enjoy this lake too as they can use the bellyboat here.

There is way more tp write about our waters here or the wildlife. It is important to us to show you the unique nature and landscape of Swedish Lapland. Enjoy the quietness and peace. Try to feel the culture of the Sami with all your senses. The most important this is, we have to respect the nature of Swedish Lapland together with their indigenous people, the Sami.

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